About Us

Our company was founded in Guadalajara, Jalisco since early this century, and its one of the most important and respectable of its region.

We travel the world to bring you the best designs and to be at the edge of the fashion trends.

We choose only the best materiales to have a solid furniture and we do a strict quality control process to assure durability.

We fabricate all our furniture with German high end tehcnology and machinery, but its hand made assembled by our Mexicans master artisans.

Thank you for your preference,

Los Encinos
Furniture Factories

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 2014

Nuestra empresa nace en Guadalajara, Jalisco a principios de este siglo y es una de las más respetadas e importantes de la región.

Por ti, viajamos alrededor del mundo para encontrar los mejores diseños y estar a la vanguardia en tendencias .

Escogemos solo los mejores materiales para dar resistencia a nuestros muebles y tenemos un estricto control de calidad para darles durabilidad.

Nuestros muebles son fabricados con la tecnología y maquinaria alemana más avanzada, pero son ensamblados a mano por nuestros maestros artesanos Mexicanos.

Gracias por preferirnos,

Los Encinos
Fabricantes Muebleros

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 2014


  • We are a Factory Store – Direct Outlet
  • Our Factories are in Mexico at Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • We have 3 factories:
    • Upholstery Living Rooms (3 piece Living Rooms, 2 piece Living Rooms, 2 piece Sectionals, 3 piece Sectionals, 4 piece Sectionals)
    • Uphostery Occasionals (Sofas, Accent Chairs, Futtons, Chaiselongs & Coffee Tables)
    • Steel (Dinettes – 4 Chairs & 6 Chairs)
    • Wood (Dining Rooms – 4 Chairs & 6 Chairs)
  • Every month our factories clean up their warehouses for single pieces, which we get
  • We clear all these single pieces at cost prices and we sell them “As Is”
  • But because we are a Factory Store we can customize a unique piece in 3 single steps:
    • Choose your Model
    • Choose your Fabric/Material
    • In 30 days or less we will deliver your own specification
  • We are able to customize your Design in a unique piece just for you